I did designs, among others, for renowned companies for communication- and entertainment devices, like Sony Germany (video production, event costumes, fully body costumes for the IFA Berlin), Nokia (a mascot for soccer), Siemens (costumes for their parade on the Expo) and EMI Electrola (music video), car manufacturers like VW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ford (events, galas, and costumes for their fair presentations), corporations like Henkel/Schwarzkopf (product presentation, shows), Wella/Kadus (shows), Dupont (full body gear for their fair presentation), Ihr Platz (promotional mascot), Oviesse (promotional outfits, full body costumes), Bamberger AG (fair presentation), Opera Bonn (stage costumes) and the Ministry for education, Youth and Children of North Rhine Westphalia.

Opera Bonn
Costumes for the play »Effie Briest«, from a draft in black and white free realization in close cooperation with the opera in Bonn
Outline all of my own, realization for their parade on the Expo 2000
Ministry for Education, Youth and Children of North Rhine Westphalia
On the outline by another designer I realized the Gala of European Union for the expansion of the of the State Chancellery in Düsseldorf
Sony Germany
Draft, dummy and photo and realization for the IFA Berlin; outline all of my own and realization for the introduction of DVDs for a salesmen convention at the Kunsthalle in Bonn
Special designs for a magic show, presentation for a fair
Outline of all my own and costumes for the introduction of the Porsche Cayenne in Hannover/Aachen
Outlines made the customer, realization of a mascot of the company Spielemax for promotional purposes.